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Nashville, TN 

Annie Irankunda is a luxury travel expert with Cote Noire Luxury Travel agency.

Born in Burundi, East Africa, Annie had the privilege of being raised in both Burundi and Tanzania. She has traveled to Jamaica, Canada, France and more. Fostering Annie’s passion for travel, food, and exploring different cultures, it led her to share her experience with others. When Annie visited Burundi, they got to see the Royal drummers of Burundi that were featured in the film “ Black Panther” and relaxed at the 2nd deepest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika.

Annie relishes every chance to share her East African knowledge and create meaningful experiences. Annie Irankunda is truly an asset to the travel industry. She intertwines her passion for unity and travel to outreach and help others in her community.

Annie is in the process of planning a group trip to Burundi in 2022 to show the world all the beauty Burundi has to offer.
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