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Atlanta, GA

Eia is a luxury travel expert with Cote Noire Luxury Travel agency.

Eia had the privilege of traveling all over the world including destinations like Bali, Jamaica, Paris, Tulum, Amsterdam and more.

Fostering Eia’s passion for travel stems from her love for exploring other cultures and being immersed in environments where she can learn new languages, skills and history. Eia's experience exploring the world has driven her to help others travel even when they think it is not possible.

When Eia visited Cabo for a destination wedding, she got to see first hand how challenging it is for couples to organize travel plans for groups surrounding one of the most memorable and loving events of a couples life, their wedding. Eia takes every opportunity she can to help couples enjoy their destination wedding, stress free when it comes to travel plans. Eia shares her travel knowledge and helps to create meaningful experiences for people. Eia is truly an asset to the travel industry. Eia is in the process of finishing graduate school where she then plans to combine her love for travel and community wellness to empower groups to heal together by traveling internationally together.


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