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Kelsy Williams- Headshot.jpg
Atlanta, GA

Kelsey is a luxury travel expert with Cote Noire Luxury Travel agency.

Kelsey has had the privilege of traveling to 5 out of the 7 continents and several different countries. Fostering Kelsey’s passion for travel, exploring different cultures, it led her to share her experience with others. When Kelsey visited Jamaica, she got to climb the famous Dunn's River Falls and learn about the vibrant culture of Jamaica. She relishes every chance to share her knowledge and create meaningful experiences. Kelsey is truly an asset to the travel industry.
She intertwines her passion for helping families and travel to outreach and help others in her community. Kelsey is in the process of building her real estate and travel businesses. She plans to travel to Jamaica in September 2021 and bring along a group.
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