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Necho Mitchell Headshot 1.JPG
Philadelphia, PA

Necoh Mitchell is a luxury travel expert with Cote Noire Luxury Travel agency.

She works remotely right outside of the Philadelphia area, in Drexel Hill, PA.

Necoh will make sure that busy and active people experience unique, exciting, and community conscious activities with relaxation and rejuvenation built into their vacations as well. You have a complete package of well-being.

She curates Eco-Luxury vacations. Eco-Luxury means staying in accommodations that respect the environment. It means participating in activities that are unique to the location you're visiting, that give back to the local communities while giving you a wonderful vacation. Fantastic, unique, incredible excursions and activities that will leave you with memories that will last forever. Like a little jaunt tasting cinnamon leaves from a local cinnamon farm in Sri Lanka. And all the while, staying in accommodations that will wow you. Tree houses, local boutique guest hotels, private pods in the forest with plunge pools. Gorgeous resorts, hotels, and activities.

She has a deep love in her heart for Southeast and East Asia, but also for the so many rich treasures and experiences that can be found in the rest of the world. There's the lush and rich environment of the Caribbean. We could hone in on the incredible natural bounty of Dominica. Or there is the sheer amount cultures and climates of Europe. Just consider the clean and clear air of Iceland. The opportunities are endless.

She will help you discover the world, Southeast Asia and beyond.

"Discover the world without destroying it."

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