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Atlanta, Ga 

Shadai Wills was born and raised in the Northern Tri- State area. Originally raised in New York from a unique Puerto Rican and African American background, Shadai has a deep love for culture that spreads to people of all races and nationalities. Taking countless road trips and traveling to and from Puerto Rico as a child gives her a strong connections between her Hispanic culture and American identity. Her love for luxury, culture, and authenticity makes her the perfect person to plan an unforgettable experience for couples, families and groups. Putting together an experiential trip gives her the most satisfaction from life because she desires for every person to appreciate the differences in worldwide cultures. She has a ton of fun planning each trip that is unique for each person to experience the culture of other's without sacrificing private-VIP service. She is a strong believer that buying experiences over things is where life's true wealth lies and she wants each of her clients to have a life with rich memories enjoying their loved ones. 
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